QA checklist

All our projects go through this checklist before launching



Each web page have one H1, and propers H2, H3, H4.


All colors are global, based on the design.


All typography is based on proper classes. Property sizes for responsive.


Global buttons.

Global Margin & padding classes

Consistent spaces between all margins, paddings and distances; according to design.

Header and footer

Proper size of header and footer for all devices.


Upload custom Fav Icon and web clip.



Every page should only have 1 H1.

Heading structure

Each page should follow a logical heading structure (H2 after H1, H3 after H2...).


Test in GT Metrix score for A.

Search console

Enable search console on the site.

Image alt texts

Alt texts should describe every image.

Language code

Add the language code(s) of the web page.

Images weight

Use optimized images (less than 150KB for images and 300KB for backgrounds) and/or webP.

Images format

Prefer using the 'img' element instead of setting a background image in a 'div'. All images should have width and height.

Meta description & title tag

It has individualized meta descriptions and title tags for each page.

Assign Tags

Assign corresponding tags for the Header, Footer, and all sections of the website

Form elements and links with associated labels

All elements in a form should have an associated label, also all links should have a label. It can be done with Custom attribute: aria-label



All links, buttons and clickable cards have hover states. Elements which you cannot click cannot have hover states.

Linking pages

All links are linked to a page in the website or an outside link.


All pages from the project can be accessed from the footer or the navigation.


All interactions shouldn't delay the way the usar interacts with the site. Content is more important.

Tablet and Mobile hover states

Elements shouldn't have hover states on tablet and mobile devices.

Images height

All images should have a maximum height.

Horizontal scroll

The site doesn't have horizontal scroll.


Check every page on all devices.

Different browsers

Check pages on Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.



Install Google Analytics.

Spell check

With the client spell check the site.

404 page

404 error page implemented with the brand identity

Image preview social media

Ensure that the preview image of the URL web page on social media is appropriate. Check at the following link